Growing Beautiful Smiles and Healthy Bodies – One Child at a Time!

At East Side Pediatric Dental, our doctors and team treat our patients like our own children. We always remember we are building relationships and establishing memories that will last a lifetime.

While we are very serious about dental and overall health, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our office is filled with laughter, smiles, and the wonderful energy each child brings to our space.

Here, every child and their family are welcomed with warmth and compassion. We are honored by the opportunity to serve them, and to set the child up for a lifetime of wellness: healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy smiles!

A Different Children’s Dental Practice

Our board-certified pediatric dentists, board-eligible pediatric dentists, and board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist are leaders in their fields. Our clinical knowledge, experience, and skills, along with our dedication to those we serve, have led to a stellar reputation. We are humbled to be respected by our peers, trusted by parents, and loved by the children we care for!

Above all, we place each child’s safety and health – physical, mental, and emotional – at the forefront. We consider what is in the little one’s best interest, and what we would do if they were our child, as we develop their treatment plan. By looking at what the child needs now, and what will establish the strongest health going forward, we provide the best care and results.

  • Positive Dental Experience: We know the best dental memories are positive ones. By providing a nurturing and supportive space, where the child knows they are safe, heard, and treasured, we are able to earn their trust. That is essential, as the little one will feel at ease and be receptive to the education we offer.  It also establishes comfort in the dental environment, so as the child matures into a young adult, they are confident in both maintaining good home oral hygiene practices and regular dental checkups!
  • Worry-free Procedures: Our doctors and staff are kind, patient, and very gentle. We take time to connect with each child in a friendly manner, listening to and encouraging their questions, and walking them through what will happen during their visit. As parents, we know how to reach even shy or scared children, and soon can have them laughing and chatting with us!

Partnering with Families

We believe parents should be fully engaged in their children’s dental care. Rather than telling families what we are going to do, we walk through the diagnosis, discuss different treatment options, and invite questions. This allows families to make informed decisions.

Likewise, we work closely with families to establish healthy practices, offering nutritional guidance, dental hygiene education, and strategies for developing positive behaviors. We know every family is different and do not judge. Instead, we seek to partner with families and find solutions that work for them!

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Our doctors and the East Side Pediatric Dental team look forward to welcoming your family to ours. We serve infants through early adulthood from the Upper East Side, Midtown, Turtle Bay, and Sutton Place, and look forward to serving your children, too. Please, schedule a visit for your little one, today!

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