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"Dr. Jessica Loo Marn should be everyone's go-to for a pediatric dentist. Our 2 1/2 year old needed A LOT of work done... A lot. Dr. Marn was very informative in our consultation and I never felt for a slight second she was judging me as a bad parent. Her office is well run. Very friendly and family-like environment. Can feel that the staff really enjoyed working there. My son had to be put under anesthesia during the whole procedure. Her husband, Dr. Richard Marn was also very thorough in what his process was. It is normal for any parent to feel stressed and worried about putting their baby under anesthesia but after talking on the phone with Dr. Richard Marn, my worries went away.

I feel both doctors truly deeply care about the children they see. It's evident in how the doctors talk to the kids and talk to the parents that this is their passion and that the kids' safety and hygiene are the top priority. They much RATHER NOT see kids coming in again and having to get more work done.

After my son's 2-3 hour operation, my son felt no pain even though about 60% of his teeth had to be worked on. Their post-op instructions were very clear and they gave us their personal cell phone in case of emergency.

I would definitely recommend any parent to bring their child or children to Dr. Marn's office and she has two convenient locations, middle of Chinatown and on 58th/5th Ave."

- David Tran

"Dr. Jessica Marn is one of the most thorough and compassionate dentists that I have met with excellent bedside manner. My daughter had a dental procedure done on Tuesday and she received top-notch service. Dr. Richard Marn was also fantastic in walking us through the entire sedation process making us feel more at ease. The staff (Cici and Leanne) as well as the nurses are very professional and warm. I highly recommend this practice to anyone with toddlers as their experience would be a positive one."

-Valerie Perez

"Excellent! Dr. Marn was concerned about my kids' teeth and she made sure we were seen on the weekend and the staff and Dr. Marn were phenomenal. Honestly, we would not see anyone else! It was my 3 yo son's first visit and he loved it. She was so efficient and talks through the entire exam. None of my 3 kids cried and 2 of them needed fillings! My daughter went home and wrote about her wonderful experience with the dentist - all on her own!"

- Anonymous

"We love it here. Quality care, caring, and gentle handling of my daughter. Nobody, not even adults, loves going to the dentist, so these are wonderful qualities to find.

- Eileen M.

"OMG... I absolutely love Dr. Marn and her team. Not that it matters, but I'm African American and I was recommended to her by an Asian colleague of mine. Dr. Marn has such an awesome and friendly personality. My five-year-old son needed to have dental work under anesthesia and I couldn't have chosen a better doctor. She explained everything thoroughly and welcomed any questions about the procedure on more than one occasion. She does care for her patients and it shows. My husband and I are very happy with her work and we highly recommended her to children of all ages."

- Anonymous

"Excellent pediatric dental office, really wonderful with my three kids. They never fear going for their cleaning, in fact, they love going."

- Spencer E.

"Very accommodating, personable & efficient dental practice. My son has had to go back several times & he always looks forward to it."

- Anonymous

"The dentist is very professional. She cares about her patients and tries to provide the best service she can."

- Anonymous

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